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Since Lsuoma, like freethought blogs, bans people and then pretends there's an email they can contact, I have to post here for a minute. He hasnt answered it, so ill bring it to you all and defend myself, undo the damage lsuoma has done to my username's rep, etc. I don't want to waste too much data, though, so don't worry.


to slymepit
This is what I was going to post on the forum, but it wouldn't post. If you're not dishonest or hiding anything about your reason, you should be happy to copy and paste this into a guest post on the forum, and somehow, refute it. Pretty fucking upset that you'd do that.

And hell - if you refuse to tell the FORUM what you supposedly accused me of, as well as the username and email used, tell ME. I deserve whatever fake ass explanation you can come up with.

And add me. I'm no dangerous man. You'd decline, of course, if you didn't want to have to admit to knowing that what you said was false. <<SNIP>> You do not have permission to spread my facebook.

So, I went to log into Slymepit today, and noticed I was banned... I asked someone who is too ashamed to be associated with me because of what Lsuoma's spread about my username, so I can't name their name - they told me that Lsuoma told the forum I was a dangerous man from another forum, involved with serious illegal things, and for people's safety, I'm banned. They said that lsuoma says he knew it was me because I used a similar username and email. I asked them just what username and email this is, to spit it out - they said that Lsuoma wouldn't say.

I was going to wait for people to get back to me with saying they talked to Lsuoma for me, delivered my message, etc, but I'm too damn upset to wait for that, and why should I? I'm permanently banned and there's a stain on my username, too. Why should I wait for the fucking stain Lsuoma's putting on my name to settle? I deserve a chance to defend myself.

Hmm. Lsuoma, conveniently having a reason to ban a member he despises. Notice how he didn't say what I'd done, nor did he even give out the username or email. What if people from here are connected to me and need protection from me? And wouldn't these secret similar usernames and emails come in handy for internet safety? This was no different from some FtB ban. A BS ban in which they use the flimsiest reason they can think of to ban someone they don't like, and say whatever they want about them regardless of the consequences to that person.

Lsuoma, go ahead and paste your discovery. What other site is this? What reason would you have to protect me, the obviousllyyy guilty party, by not giving out the details? And why would someone do dangerous things in public on some site? These sort of things are at least kind of hidden. I'm really curious as to the "reason" I was permanently banned. I at least deserve THAT. And please don't make up some suspicious excuse for not doing so - that would just confirm my suspicion that you don't want a reason to unban me or admit any wrongdoing.

If you really "found" something you'd want to back yourself up, right? Because believe you me, anyone that mentions it to me, I'm telling them that Lsuoma just wanted an excuse to ban me. He refused to give out details, right? I can't even properly defend myself. I can't even say what it is that I *didn't* do. That's your only benefit.

If anyone wants proof that I'm not an adult man, and that I'm a teenaged girl (someone here already has that proof but they don't post too much. If they also don't want to be associated with me, I won't say their name.), you can always e-mail me for it, unless Lsuoma refuses to give out the email I signed up with. mm, then here - it's <<SNIP>> He has my permission to do that, too. Bombs away. Nothing hidden here. I'm not pasting my pictures directly on the forum for just anyone to comment on and make a scene off (not that I think I can easily be made fun of or anything).

The only variants I use of my name, <<SNIP>>. I have no variants of my email. I use this name and variants on the following: Twitter, SF (but eh... SF is soul sucking... being an Opposer there is rough), FtB, the A+ alternative forum, and here, actually. That's it. That's all the places I can think of, and I haven't done anything dangerous on any of those sites.

Cmon, Lsuoma, you could at least name the site you had in mind.
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Oh, and here's a big fuck you to those who ignored my fb messages. Or, the one who did. It wouldn't have been that much trouble to help me out, and I wouldn't have to post here. Now he can say "turns out my accusation wasn't legit, but you still evaded, so Permablock"

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Fuck off.

Hon, you are really in serious need of psychological help.





Just go the fuck away before you cause major problems for several hundred people.

Fuck off.

Go away.

Leave us alone.

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Here's an idea, PrettyUpset. Email Lusoma about it and work it out between yourselves. The entire forum doesn't need to know about your drama.

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AspieAtheist wrote:Here's an idea, PrettyUpset. Email Lusoma about it and work it out between yourselves. The entire forum doesn't need to know about your drama.
Five emails already. All ignored.

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