Jen McWrong is pissed at the PeeZer

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Jen McWrong is pissed at the PeeZer


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McBooby complains about Peezus stroking his ego. Peezus mansplains.
Peezus dismissed Boobies.
On Mar 27, 2012, at 6:22 PM, Jennifer McCreight wrote:

I am seriously pissed right now. Taking a census of my blog readers is
really important to me. It helps me learn about the demographics of my
audience so I can improve my blog. It also helps me find interesting
trends about how gender, age, and location affect how much people like
particular topics, use particular secular labels, participate in
secular communities. And now you've fucked it up because you have to
stroke your ego and pharyngulate a single question about sci fi

Seriously, fuck you. I am so fucking pissed right now I can't even put
it into words. I hope you're happy that you've totally ruined this
project for me. I'm watching my numbers skew toward fake answers and a
male bias in real time. Fuck.
I think we share a lot of blog readers. My intent was to encourage more people to join in. It had absolutely nothing to do with my "ginormous fucking ego", but entirely because you were enthusiastic and I had the impression you wanted lots of people to participate. I had no idea that you thought readers of my site were poison who would taint your survey. I actually thought we were all part of a freethought community here and that you'd appreciate input from that community.

The question about sci-fi movies was a total joke on my part: I knew no one was going to just vote my way on that particular question because I said so, but would happily express their own particular opinions (just as they're mocking me and telling me their preferences in the comments on my site right now)...and also just as my suggestion that the correct answer to the age question was 51-55 was not something that would bias them. That was an obvious joke, too. I chose to highlight those two questions specifically because I knew my answers wouldn't skew them any particular way, but would provoke everyone to express their opinions.

Is everyone answering "Firefly/Serenity" to that question? Because the comments I'm seeing consist mostly of people telling me I'm wrong, or talking about shows that aren't listed. People really are freely expressing their opinions.

Why would you think my readership would have a greater male bias than yours?

I must also note that the reason I first noticed it is that we have this mechanism which displays the FTB Most Recent articles on every blog here -- I saw it posted on Pharyngula before I said anything. The whole thing is wide open to the internet, and you know yourself that it's not a scientific survey, but is going to be subject to the vagaries of who's linking to who whenever. I linked to you on Sunday, too, on the USA Today article that mentioned you; was I doing you harm by sending my awful readers to your site then? I also filled out the survey; I read your site every day. Was I wrong to do that?

Honestly, I'm very surprised that you have such a negative view of the people who read my site, when a lot of them also read yours, even when I don't mention it directly.

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