A+ / Scientology translation Phrasebook

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A+ / Scientology translation Phrasebook


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Scientologist ? Stumbled on the A+ Forum ? See phrasebook below for jargon translation. Use this and you'll fit right in !

LRH is on the left and PZM on the right.

Engram --- Micro-Aggression
Enturbulation --- Mansplaining
Restimulation --- Triggering
Sea-Org Member --- A+ Moderator
What Are your crimes ? --- What do you want here ?
Sec Check --- Privilege Check
Preclear --- 101 Type
Wog --- CHUD
Suppressive Person --- Hater
Xenu's Galactic Federation --- The Patriarchy
R.P.F. --- Wherever 'Mai for Peace' is these days
Squirrel --- Bad Ally No Cookie
Disconnection --- Disowning
Tommy Davis --- Richard Carrier
Freedom Medal of Valour --- Order of the Molly
Being Out-Ethics --- Victim - blaming, Mansplaining or Hyperskepticism
Purification Rundown --- Vegetarian diet
Hubbard was a Sailor --- Carrier is an Artilleryman (intellectual!)
Golden Age of Tech --- Third wave feminism
Psychiatry (industry of death) --- Evolutionary Psychology
Teegeack --- The Kyriarchy
Clearing the Planet --- Fighting for Social Justice
Applied Scholastics --- A+ Scribe
Scientology Celebrity Center --- Freethought Blogs
OT levels 1 to 8 --- Privilege scale
'Clear' bracelet --- Surlyramic
Touch Assist --- {{Internet Hugs}}
Filth on the Internet --- YouTube Comments are a cesspool
Ron's Messengers --- Skepchicks
Fair Game --- Exactly the same
Special Operating Thetan Abilities --- Prosopagnosia
You can only understand "The Well of Fire" if you're OT Level 3 ---- You can only understand the 'ElevatorGate' incident if you understand feminist theory.

.... any more for any more ?[hr][/hr]