Avicenna on the Range: A Sergio Leone Production

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Avicenna on the Range: A Sergio Leone Production


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I decided to repost this because it makes me laugh.
Brive1987 wrote:This.

Avi, did you wipe a smear of blood on your cheek?

It's a hard life, and Avicenna's a hard man. You cross him too many times, and even his eternal patience will be exhausted. Oh, you wouldn't wanna make him angry, son. You can't understand, boy, can't understand the stress of being the fastest gun in the west. That time he lost control, he blew away the entire Glanton Gang with his six-shooter. Oh, some people point to his failure to get a Sherrif's Star, but he Did Not Fail. He rode off into the west, into the sunset. Boy, you better respect old Avicenna, he's been around here longer 'n' most.

James Caruthers wrote:The idea of Avicenna in an old west town makes me chuckle. It's a poor jokester that laughs at his own jokes, but reading that in a gravely, cigar-flavored, hard-bitten voice gets to me a bit. :lol:

"Hey Sherriff, ya seen ol' Avicenna 'round these parts? I heard the Slymepit Posse broke outta Fulsom and they're on the evenin' train, headed into Perseverance Pass. Word is, they're angrier than a rattlesnake trapped in Madam Ophie's boot! Somethin' 'bout how Avicenna put down twenty of their number last year, when they was rustlin' cattle from the Myers Ranch up north."

"Aw, I 'spekt Avi's gone to Miss Melody's tent again. Y'know, them two being what they are. Ain't but too many left like them, true diamonds. Special, ya might say, like a snowflake in July. Yep, special snowflakes."

http://rgartist.com/resources/_wsb_475x ... alking.JPG
James Caruthers wrote:
CaptainFluffyBunny wrote:Is Avi still working towards becoming a licensed M.D.? Or is he going to pursue the glamor-filled life as a FtB voice instead?
I heard he was heading to Louisiana to start up a goat ranch with Miss Melody. Watch out Avicenna, I hear Miss Melody has Post Traumatic Snake Disorder. Keep her away from them rattlers.

http://www.pitch.com/imager/saddle-ranc ... 00x281.jpg
He did not fail.
Hopefully more people than myself will play with this idea. Avicenna gives plenty of grist for the old-fashioned sawmill.